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Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer adventures but we thank you for your interest.
However you can still experience Pixie style adventures for yourself. Scroll down for more information.
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The System, Rules and Plots used both in the Sham adventures and the Kingship campaign series of weekend long events are available as ‘Kindle’ downloads from Amazon. Scroll down for more details.
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Portly Pixie Publications
There are a number of publications from The Portly Pixie - all available only as Kindle downloads from Amazon.
The Complete Adventure Files includes the plot outlines, together with most of the details of the non player characters (monsters) that would be found on each of the adventures that were run at the Pixie over the years of operation. If you were once a player, this is where you might find out what on earth was going on as you explored the Dukedom of Sham.
The Almost Complete History of Kingship provides a similar insight to the events that over the 13 years made up the on going scenario that was Kingship. As well as the plots for what was supposed to happen, most of the events include the story of what happened from the viewpoint of player characters who were caught up in those events.
The Portly Pixie Live Role Playing System provides the necessary background for those who are unfamiliar with the rules that were used or who might want to re-create the adventures - or similar live role playing experiences. It is currently still used - with additions - by Phoenix LRP in their adventures that still take place in the region of Sham. Follow the link on the home page for more information about those.
Finally, there is the a short novel - Tales From The Portly Pixie: Of Kings and Things - that attempts to record what should have happened - and never did (that’s what happens when you let players loose on the plots!) on one of the adventures. It is hoped to add further similar novels to the collection in the near future.
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